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  DragonJet Corporation has accumulated over 30 years of techniques and experiences in the field of secondary processing. The components products include Desktop computers, CRT monitors, laptops, scanners, LCD monitors, mobile phones, PDAs, digital cameras, etc.
The complete, strict production and quality standards of secondary processing, such as printing, painting, thermal welding and assembly, have been established. Furthermore, in order to improve the quality and productivity in painting assembly, DragonJet equipped 100K class dust-proof room and Anest Iwata automatic painting equipments from Japan; invited professional engineers from Japan to DragonJet Corporation for technique transfer.
Processing Equipments
  Air Shower Room/100K Class Dust Proof Painting Room/Automatic De-static De-dust Cleaner/Hot-Air Circulation Oven/ IR Drying Oven/UV Curing Oven/Anest Iwata Automatic Painting Equipment/Thermal Welder Machine/PAD Printing Machine/Screen Printing Machine/Hot Stamping Machine/Ultrasonic Welding Machine/Electrostatic Eliminator


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