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  As more and more IT product developments are heading toward to higher international standards, IT industries are producing higher quality products to fulfill this requirement. Because of such circumstances, DragonJet Corporation accumulated many outstanding techniques and experiences in the field of plastic injection molding. Currently, in Taiwan, Vietnam and China, DragonJet Corporation has various sets of injection molding machines ranging from 50~1200ton. Moreover, advanced loading control systems, automatic robot arms, conveying equipments and mold monitoring machines are also equipped. With on-the-job trainings, strict molding standards and quality inspections, not only customers’ needs can be satisfied, but also their product values can be improved. Currently, DragonJet produces components such as those of mobile phones, laptops, LCD monitors, scanners, digital cameras, PDAs and traditional office machines.  
Injection Molding Equipments
  Injection Molding Machine (50-1200 ton)/Hot Runner Controller (6 points/ 4 points/ 2 points/ single point)/Central Loading Control System/
  Mold monitoring Machine/Dehumidifier/Fully Automatic Robot Arm/
Mold Temperature Controller/Crown Block/Conveyer


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