(TOM, Three dimension Overlay Method)
  In the past, Spray Painting and Water Transfer Printing were used to improve plastic component’s flaws (such as shrink, welding lines), and the In-Mold Decoration which became popular in recent years created plastics even more complex textures. However, emulated textures (such as woods, leathers, papers, special geometric) were still unachievable. Now, the Three Dimension Overlay Method has overcome the difficulty. The TOM, different from the IMD, is an Out-Mold Decoration. During the TOM cycle, the injected plastic object and decorative film are placed in a vacuumed chamber to proceed to vacuuming, heating, forming and pressing. After these steps are done and the waste materials are cut, the whole process is finished. Since the object doesn’t need to encounter a high temperature and high pressure process, as that of IMD, the sophisticated texture of a decorative film can be preserved, making products a new life.  


plastic covers




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